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Hyperhidrosis Treatment - Micro ETS for Excessive Sweating of Hands, Face, Neck, Underarms

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Hyperhidrosis is a hereditary condition caused by an overactive sympathetic nervous system affecting an estimated 7.8 million Americans.  The incidence has been reported to be from 0.6 to 1.0% of the population.  Hyperhidrosis can be seen in all races, yet in some the incidence is much higher.  Symptoms include excessive sweating of the hands, armpits, face, head, neck or feet. It may be associated with Raynaud's Disease (cold hands/fingers that often change colors because of hypersensitivity to temperature change, anxiety, concentration),  and blushing with facial burning (Hyperpyrexia).  What many people do not know is that there is effective treatment for sweaty palms, sweaty face/head/neck, blushing/burning of the face, and Raynaud's Disease. Conservative treatments are recommended before considering surgery.  If alternate treatment options have been ineffective in stopping excessive sweating, then Micro ETS could be your sweating solution.

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News Story Hyperhidrosis Treatment Teenager Stopped Hand Sweating  

Larrisa's Seventeen Year Follow Up
"For anyone contemplating whether or not Micro ETS (Micro-endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy) Surgery is for you, here is a little of my history.

"Many days I just wished my hands were invisible. My middle school and high school years were miserable. It was a struggle that few even knew about because, for the most part, I kept my palmar hyperhidrosis hidden (as best I could). If you're contemplating this surgery, then one or more of these scenarios will probably sound familiar.

The first memory of my super sweaty hands was having to quit piano lessons at an early age because my fingers left the keys soaking wet. Yuck for me, the teacher, and the piano."   READ Larissa's testimonial.

Face Sweating Treatment Photos
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Extreme Facial Sweating.  Patient from England.
Extreme Facial Sweating.
Symptoms Resolved.
Sweaty Hands  

'We posted about y'alls services online and also told our dermatologist about Dr. Nielson. She wasn't aware that the procedure was even available in San Antonio! So I'm sure she will be referring patients to you as she says she has quite a few that deal with Hyperhidrosis. I have seen Makayla's confidence soar since having the surgery. She is thriving as she enters high school. Thank you simply doesn't quite capture how we feel :)."  Amy (Texas)
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About Micro ETS™ and Dr Nielson

Micro ETS™ is offered exclusively by Dr. David H. Nielson to treat Hyperhidrosis symptoms. A Hyperhidrosis expert for more than 20 years, Dr. Nielson specializes in the treatment of sweaty hands, face/head sweat, sweaty feet, armpit sweating, facial blushing, including burning sensations of the face (Hyperpyrexia) , and Raynaud's Disease.

Watch Video - Student's Suicide Shines Light on 'Chronic Blushing'
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Board certified as a thoracic surgeon, Dr. David H. Nielson has performed over 7000 procedures with his much less invasive Micro ETS procedure (single  1/12th Inch incision per side  (Micro ETS™).  He is one of the most experienced endoscopic thoracic surgeons performing ETS surgery with people from around the world traveling to San Antonio, Texas to have their symptoms treated by his less invasive and more effective procedure. Experience performing ETS is essential to achieve a high success rate with fewer complications and fastser recovery time. Dr. Nielson revolutionized endoscopic surgery by creating the Micro Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (Micro ETS™), since little tissue is disturbed in order to find the nerve, affording patients faster recovery with less pain, less risk since not much tissue is disturbed (single 1/12th inch incision per side, not collapsing the lungs, not digging the nerve out from the chest wall to find it), Success is high for improving Blushing/burning of the face, face/head/neck sweating, hand sweating, and underarm sweating, with my Micro ETS procedure.

His Micro ETS procedure is the least invasive, most advanced surgery for those suffering from Hyperhidrosis (profusely sweating hands, face/head/neck, underarms), blushing/facial Hyperpyrexia or Raynaud's Disease of the fingers.  During the procedure, Dr. Nielson makes a tiny, single incision, 1/12 of an inch in the axilla under the arm.   Using microscopic instruments, Dr. Nielson is able to navigate behind the lung (which is not collasped) to identify the sympathetic nerve WITHOUT having to touch or disturb the tissue of the inner chest wall, so less pain, no Horner's Syndrome (drooping upper eyelid).  Micro ETS™ instantly stops excessive sweating of the face, head, hands, underarms, warms the fingers and improves Blushing/burnbing of the face/neck too.. Patients are able to leave the ambulatory surgery center one to two hours later.  Follow up exam in Dr Nielson's office the next morning then the patient may return home by air or car.

Please contact us for more information on Hyperhidrosis, Blushing/Hyperpyrexia, and Raynaud's of the fingers by calling 1-877-837-9379 toll free or submit a questionnaire.

Since 1997, Dr. Nielson has worked to alleviate Hyperhidrosis and Bromhidrosis (sweat odor), as well as Blushing/Hyperpyrexia and Raynaud’s of the hands, by performing a more precise and less invasive procedure he invented  Micro Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (Micro ETS).

Questions to ask when considering ETS surgery

Micro ETS Incision  
Sweating Former Patients Micro ETS Dr David H Nielson MD

Don't all surgeons use the same instruments and techniques to perform ETS surgery?
No, techniques vary widely. Micro implies not only a single micro incision (2mm or 1/12th of an inch) but also no dissection (digging in the chest wall tissue) to find the sympathetic nerve and any  branches (Kuntz accessory nerves).

How important is choosing an experienced thoracic surgeon for ETS surgery?
A surgeon's experience is critical in achieving the highest success rates due to the fact that no two patient's anatomy is exactly the same. Variations in nerve routes and anatomy can be significant which may lead to missed branches of nerve causing persistent symptoms. Experience, least invasive and more precise technique, and micro instrumentation all matter!

How Much Experience Dr. Nielson Has What Are Some Questions I Should Ask My Doctor About ETS?
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What qualifies your technique as "Micro" ETS?
Only one incision (1/12th inch, 2 mm) in each armpit, no dissection of chest wall tissue (digging in and around the ribs) just to find the nerve is required, lungs are not collapsed, patient is on his/her back (not on your side which is less traumatic to the arms (brachial plexus). Accessory nerve branches (Kuntz nerves) are precisely located without digging in the tissue, and micro division of the sympathetic nerve and any branches that are present is done to minimize persistent nerve signal transmission to the hands, face/head/neck, underarms, thereby improving these symptoms immediately.

Results Micro ETS

Micro ETS
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