Facial Blushing Clinical Results & Rare Anatomical Occurance

37 year old male with a 24 year history of severe Blushing. He had tried facial creams and Phtotoderm treatments. The creams didn't help and photoderm actually made his Blushing worse. He is now 2 months out from surgery.

Patient had an azygous lobe of the lung which only occurs on the right side and is a rare anatomical occurance.

Patient thoughts follow:

"For the past 24 years, I have suffered from hyperpyrexia, or extreme facial blushing. This debilitating condition has severely hampered my professional and private life and brought it to an absolute standstill. Virtually any social situation (at work, a family gathering, etc.) will trigger the hyperpyrexia, which causes my face to become very red and makes me, and the people around me, feel extremely uncomfortable. Furthemore, the burning sensation on my face, chest, and back associated with hyperpyrexia affects
my ability to concentrate (on conversations or the task at hand), thus making me feel even more self-conscious. Some people have even commented that they could feel the heat coming off of my body. This condition has severely hampered my communication skills and affected my ability to hold down a job or feel confident in any kind of new situation. It is sad to note that I do not even feel comfortable around family when this condition strikes. To relieve this condition, I have tried breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, soaps and creams, and most recently, a laser fotofacial, but these remedies have done little or nothing to alleviate this condition. I strongly believe Micro ETS surgery to be my last, best hope for relief from this debilitating condition that has robbed me of the opportunity to be an active, productive member of society." (Patient)

Surgery Photographs