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Extreme Facial Sweating.  Patient from England.
Extreme Facial Sweating.
Symptoms Resolved.

Facial Sweating, Head Sweat Testimonials About ETS Surgery



July 2017
Six Month Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments: Hyperhidrosis of the head / face, Hyperpyrexia, Blushing. CS Legs/Back. No real problems. It is manageable.
The facial sweating/blushing has been greatly diminished, which naturally reduces the crippling anxiety that always accompanies it. It has been a blessing for which I am so grateful.. - Lloyd (Tennessee)

August 2016



40 y/o hispanic male with life-long history of excess sweating of the face/scalp/neck/hands, Blushing and cold fingertips during sweating episodes. Sweating symptoms became severe 5 years ago and sweat would drench his shirts, shaking hands with people and even working with his hands was awkward and emotionally challenging. He has been researching treatment options for years and decided to travel from California to have MicroETS.
Hi blood pressure 146/86 and fast resting heart rate of 80 in my office during consultation.
Preop visit: wet face/scalp/neck and upper chest (photo) after walking into my office for

consultation. Cold fingertips and wet hands too.
Postop visit: completely dry face/scalp/neck/upper chest, dry and warm hands. (photo) after walking from nearby hotel 1/8 mile in 88 degree weather (completely dry).
Improved blood pressure 131/69 and dramatically improved resting heart rate of 60 in my office the day after MicroETS.

November 2015
One Year Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments: Hyperhidrosis of the face. CS of the legs and midsection / lower back; moderate.
My life has changed drastically. Although I have compensatory sweating in other areas, it is by far easier to hide than the severe facial sweating I had before. I am so thankful to have had this procedure done. - James (Texas)

February 2015
Six Month Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments: Hyperhidrosis of the hands, face. CS, sweating severe from neck down on left side only. Sweating on head, neck, breasts, back, groin, thigh, and knee areas.
Hello, Just thought I'd give Dr Nielson an update on my ETS procedure in August 2014, possibly for any future statistical reports. I've been doing okay. I've had a good amount of compensatory sweating on the back, chest and groin areas. I knew this was possible and am hoping it will lessen over time. I'd rather have the compensatory sweating than the head and face I came in for. - Janet (Texas)

November 2014
1 Year Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments: Hyperhidrosis of the hands, face. CS severe upper chest andback.
My facial sweat and hand sweating are totally gone. However, as time passed by the doctor said there could be chance of reconnection of nerves. Now my hands seem to show very little sweat which means they are connecting? Plus my upper back and upper chest have compensatory sweating severely. I need to get done again. Other than this, I am completely satisfied that my face and hands aren't sweating again! - David (Korea)

Octobert 2014
6 Month Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Hyperhidrosis of the hands, face, underarms, feet.  CS of armpit and torso area, I sweat in my torso area quite badly.
Very much so, even with the compensatory sweating, I can't explain how happy I am to walk into meeting with dry hands and be confident when I shake hands. I can lotion my hands now, I was never able to do that before. I still walk around with a bit of paper towel but it's only for my sweaty armpit.
- Nesha (Virgin Islands)

September 2014
6 Month Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Hyperhidrosis of the hands, face. No CS.
Everything has become easier. I feel so much more comfortable in doing the simplest tasks. I'm so happy with my results!! - Taylor (Nebraska)

August 2014
1 Year Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Hyperhidrosis of the hands, face. CS body trunk.
My social life has improved tremendously post ETS. - Harrison (Houston, Texas)

March 2014
One Year Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated / Comments:  Hyperhidrosis of face, blushing. Reports severe CS of the back and legs.  Very satisfied with results.
It has been great not having facial sweating. - Ali (Texas)

February 2014
Six Month Follow Up
There is some minor compensatory sweating in the trunk area, however, there are no better words to explain the joy and freedom that I'm experiencing after my successful ETS. I'm indebted to Dr. Nielsen and his dedicated staff. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! - Harrison (Texas)

October 2013
14 Year Follow Up
I'm a 67 year old male born in South America. Around my teenage years I started to perspire under my armpits, hands and forehead, excessively, especially if I was nervous or tense. I will also blush easily. I continued to have this problem all my life. Sometime around the mid ninenteen eighties, I decided to consult a doctor about surgery to stop the sweating under my armpits. I was told that this type of surgery, was performed only on people that had a very extreme case, such as soldiers badly injured in a war, that resulted in a situation where perspiration was twentyfour hours a day, and there was no gurantee that surgery will correct the problem. It was also expensive and recuperation painful.
I was discouraged from taking a risk. In 1999 I bought my first computer, and one day while surfing on the internet, by accident I saw an article related to people that had a serious perspiration problem and how they cured it. After reading several letters from patients that had this procedure and the results were positive, I became interested, and after reading a background of Dr. Nielson's experience I decided to call him to ask if I was a candidate for surgery. He asked me some questions about my health, some tests were conducted and he said that I could have surgery if I wished, but he also said that as any surgery, there is also a risk involved, and the results could not be as expected.
I decided to take a chance because because Dr. Nielson is the best and had already performed many operations, and a large percent of his patients were happy with the results. I had my surgery in 1999 and I'm very happy because it change my life for the best. I have conpensatory sweating around the chest area, but only occurs if I'm in a place where the temperature is in the high 80s or humidity is very high.
Based in my own experience, I recommend Dr. Nielson because I remember the time I spoke to him on the phone and during my surgery before and after, and he shows compassion and care for people. I am very happy with the results of my surgery because it changed my life for the best. GOD bless him many more years, so he can help other people that suffer with a perspiration problem."  - Fernando (Florida)

August 2013
Six Month Follow Up
No more sweaty face and palms!  Confident handshake with warm, dry, white (rather than red) hands. Still flush but pursuing pulsed dye laser treatment for redness. Redness has decreased and no more panic attack (tomato faces). I apply lotion to shoulders, neck, and face daily to keeep moisturized. Baby shampoo has worked out great for me! No more dry flaking skin. Eucerin Baby Shampoo for hair and Eucerin Daily Protection SPF 30 works great for face! Thank you Dr. Nielson and staff. - Ben V.

February 2013
Six Month Follow Up
I can do anything I want to do and not worry about how I will look. All doors are open now. 
- George W.


Dear Dr. Nielson,
Just a followup to our conversation last Thursday a day after my successful surgery. I had the Micro ETS surgery Wednesday Feb 27th and all the problems are finally solved. As you know I have tried everything to correct my extremely severe cases of Hyperhydrosis, Frey’s syndrome, Reynaud’s disease etc. that you and I have been emailing back and forth about since 1999. For the past nine years I have taken all of your advice to correct the problem and frankly nothing worked other than to reduce the problems but all non surgical treatments for me were either useless or had major side effects. I know for most folks, surgery is the last option and it actually was the last option for me as well but looking back I wish ETS had been my first option. I tried all the creams and wipes – none worked. I also tried several medications you recommended that my local Dr. prescribed such as levsinex and hyoscomine which worked somewhat but I couldn’t handle the side effects of itchy, irritating skin and blurred vision and I tried some pills that didn’t work at all such as klonopin (I think was the name- I tried it once and it may have worked a little for some of your patients but didn’t help me a bit). Finally, I flew to San Antonio last week and a 20 minute surgery cured everything instantly! 
I know ETS surgery for most may not be the first option but for my problems such as hyperhydrosis, especially severe on the scalp and face which was as debilitating as mine it was the only thing. Please feel free to have any potential patients email me with questions and use me as a referral.  
Thanks and Regards,  (Patient)

facial sweating  
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Severe Facial Sweating. Patient from New Jersey.
Severe Facial Sweating.
Symptoms Resolved.

Dear Dr. Nielson,
I've been anxiously awaiting for this day to come, so I can formally send you and your staff a personal thank you.  It has been one year to date since I had my sympathectomy and I would have to say it has been a wonderful life-changing experience for me. Dealing with Hyperhydrosis has always been a lifetime nuisance with me on a personal, social, and business level and to say that I'm finally cured, gives me peace of mind and a tremendous amount of personal self-esteem.  You and your staff will always come highly recommended by me and please feel free to have any future patients contact me if you need a reference.  Kind Regards, Ricardo Scarlatella  


P.S.  You may want to consider running an ad in Golf Digest.  Having done this procedure has shaved about 8 strokes off my golf game and the best part, I never have to buy a golf glove ever again! :)

Dear Dr. N. and Staff,
It has been 8 months since my ETS for facial and scalp sweating and facial blushing. I want to thank you again for changing my life. It has been an incredible experience. I have had minimal comp sweating on my trunk, only in very hot weather, and no sweating or blushing above the chest. I am doing things that I never thought possible. I do not have to worry about interviews or public speaking or meeting new people. I read about all the HH sufferers and I cannot understand why they do not just have the surgery. It was so easy. Sometimes I forget that I even had it done. You and your staff will always be in my heart. After 30 years of suffering, I am finally normal.
All the best (Patient)

Dear Dr. Nielson and staff,
It has been almost 3 months since my surgery. I was waiting for a while before I wrote this letter to see how I was doing. I wanted to thank you and your staff for changing my life. After 30 years of severe facial and scalp sweating and blushing, I can now say that I feel completely cured. I have been in numerous situations where, in the past, I would be red and sweaty and now, not a drop. I haven't even felt the blushing. It is absolutely amazing. The comp sweating that I have is moderate and only when I'm very hot. I can live with that. That is something I can cover up and deal with. And besides, unless it's very hot, I don't get it. In general, I am completely dry all day at work and I even wear a suit and tie.
This has been a lifesaver for me. I feel like a different person. I can go anywhere and do anything without fear. I am in a profession where I do a lot of public speaking and now I do not have to worry about the embarrassment from sweating.
I took a chance with you Dr. Nielson. I came all the way from VA and you did not let me down. The surgery was so easy, I only took a couple Advil that same night. I am back to running and feeling great. I don't know how to thank you enough. You have an outstanding staff. They made me feel so comfortable and are always there to answer questions. I am recommending you to anyone that is interested. It would be crazy to go to someone else.
Thank you for helping me enjoy life again.
Sincerely, (Patient) PhD

Good Day:
About one year ago my wife and I came to your office for the Micro ETS procedure.  I had completed the research and made the decision to have the procedure, but all contacts were completed by phone, email, or by mail.  We had never been to San Antonio…after several months of research learning the “good and bad”, we took a leap of faith.

Today I can report that the procedure was very successful for the then sixty-nine year old patient.  My facial and head problems have been completely corrected and it has certainly relieved me of embarrassing situations and permits us to participate in many new activities and make new friends.

I have no side effects worth mentioning.  I think there is some compensatory sweating if the surrounding temperatures are high, but seldom is this a problem that cannot be easily handled.

This note is just to say thanks to Dr. Nielson and his professional and compassionate staff for the way I was treated, the skill exhibited in the procedure, the courage to recommend this treatment to even someone my age (knowing it might not work to the satisfaction of 100% of your patients), for pointing out the risks and possible side effects…and then leaving the decision to my wife and myself.

Were we a little anxious?  Yes.  Would we do it again?  Yes.  Would we recommend Dr. Nielson and his staff?  Without question.

Thanks more than I can say.  You have blessed our “golden years”.  May each of you experience a Blessed Easter. 

Sincerely, (Patient)

Dr. Nielson,
Briefly, I had significant facial HH for much of my life. In the late 1990's, well before HH and ETS were well known. I researched the subject extensively and discovered ETS and your proficiency in this clinical procedure. You successfully performed the procedure on me, and my life is FAR better as a result. I am now a faculty member at a one of the most prominent public research institutions in the U.S., and I suspect this would have not been possible without your intervention in my HH affliction.

Touching base with the HH scene recently through a range of HH forums, I am troubled by the stigmatized perception of ETS. While I certainly experience some degree of compensatory sweating, I have no regrets about my ETS and feel that legions of HH sufferers can benefit from this procedure. I suspect that most who have had successful experience with ETS have simply moved on with rare thought of thier former circumstance, and thus rarely participate in the ETS forums.

I am writing to vindicate any concerns which you may have about your clinical devotion, and would like to offer any assistance by way of testimony or otherwise support for your efforts. Please advise.

Additionally, I note you are a graduate of the Temple School of Medicine. I, too am a product of the Temple graduate school, and implore you to promote your Temple affiliation. Go Owls!
Regards, Tom

Words can not express the gratitude I have towards Dr. Nielson and his staff,
Having ETS surgery has truly changed my life and has essentially given me a fresh start.  I have suffered from severe social anxiety for a greater part of my 33 years.  My anxiety manifested itself physically through severe facial sweating and blushing.  I was unable to have a conversation or be in a social situation without encountering terrible sweating and anxiety.  On many instances, I have had to excuse myself from a meeting at work, constantly having to come up with intricate stories as to why I suddenly would break out into a severe sweat.  Over the years, I tried a multitude of treatments, medications and doctors -- some with very negative side effects with little to no relief.   I honestly felt hopeless, and both my personal and professional life were suffering.  It was overwhelming - and took over my life.  I considered it a miracle that I happened upon Dr Nielsons website.  I felt like my prayers were answered.  From my first inquiry, Dr Nielsons staff made the entire process both easy and stress free.  I felt like for the first time in my life I was speaking to someone who understood the torment I was going through.  Jane and her counterparts answered all of my questions, and made the entire experience a pleasure.  I can honestly say that my procedure was quick and pain free.  Dr Nielson was a true gentlemen, and his genuine sincerity greatly impressed me.  I was amazed at the immediate results, and I encountered little to no side effects.  As it stands now, my compensatory sweating is minimal to none.  I immediately felt like a new person.  I was able to speak without feeling flush, and the sweating vanished immediately.  My anxiety was all but gone in a matter of days.  Years of suffering and worry - which I do not believe anyone can truly understand unless they experience it themselves - was cured in an instant.  I can now function at work and in my personal life without worry of sweating, blushing or being embarrassed.   Both my relatives and my professional peers have noted a positive change in attitude and performance.  My confidence and strength grows by the day.  I am no longer burdened with doctors or medication (Paxil, Nardil, etc.) - and no longer feel hopeless.  Dr Nielson has changed my life, and I can not find the words to express my ultimate gratitude.

Good Morning Dr. Nielson, Jane, and Staff,
My surgery has been a huge success!!! I am no longer experiencing facial blushing or sweating...not even a drop of sweat on my face since the surgery...the feeling is so great words cannot explain it.
I am experiencing an increased amount of compensatory sweating when I am active, but this is very tolerable and does not bother me. I have also had a chance to eat some spicy foods which in the past triggered facial blushing and sweating, however this no longer occuring...thank god.
I would like to thank you again Dr. Nielson and your staff for everything you've done for me. Both you and your staff from the very beginning have represented the utmost courtesy and professionalism...I really appreciate that. I especially appreciated your surgical accomadations this past Friday when I missed my first surgery time.
If I can ever be of any assistance in your practice or website, please do not hesitate to ask. You've really changed my life for the better!!!!!!!

Dear Dr. Nielson, Jane, & Staff:
WOW……it’s been almost 1 month since my surgery for hyperhidrosis of the scalp & facial blushing, and I can truly say that I am amazed! The difference this has made in my life is truly miraculous! My self confidence has soared; I’m not scared to be in social situations (including the grocery store) for fear my head would become totally wet and my face would drip with perspiration. I actually smile now when I’m in a store, or at church, or a restaurant, knowing I look as “normal” as all the others there. I don’t have that pressure of people looking at me when the sweating would begin. Some women (strangers) had even joked with me about menopause! I’m not there yet!! LOL. I feel that I am more professional at my job as I now don’t have to worry about my appearance – that is about a wet head & sweaty face up to 5-6 times during a workday. The compensatory sweating is there, but compared to the sweating I’ve had for over 40 years, it’s very tolerable. I now think I sweat like most people normally do! I had always just sweated on my head & face, not my body. I’ve gone from washing my hair up to 3 times a day, to just once a day in the morning! That’s amazing in itself.
Thank you so much Dr. Nielson for giving me a life that is as normal as everyone else. I feel great about myself, am not as self-conscious as before, and I am so glad I had the surgery. The procedure itself was very easy for me. I just had minor pains for a while. And the surgery was so fast as was the recovery time. Bless you for this gift you have and for sharing it with those of us who are in dire need of it. I want to tell everyone about Micro ETS!!! And how it’s changed me as a person and made my life better.
Dr. Nielson, your office staff is the BEST! Pleasant, kind, informative, caring…..I don’t have enough adjectives for Jane, Peggy, and all the rest. And the hospital staff was just as kind.
Thank you again for all you’ve done for me, Dr. Nielson. You have really blessed me and given me a new lease on life.
(sorry to be so long, but wow, lots to say!!)
Thank you!

Dr Nielson,
this operation (micro ets) was very successful and I am avery, very thankful for all that you did for me. I have received miracle after miracle. I don't BLUSH anymore or have facial sweating. If you need me to testify about how much this operation has helped me, please contact me.
Thank you very much!

To Doctor Nielson and staff:
Thanks to all of you for giving me a new life. Words could never express how much your knowledge and kindness have meant to me. From my 1st phone call with Jane about the micro ETS surgery to my last meeting with Dr. Nielson you hall have done everything possible to make this as stress free and enjoyable as possible. For me, 40 years of embarrassment and anxiety were gone in 30 minutes. I am forever grateful for having you come into my life.
How did you get so good at making people happy?
Thanks for everything,

Dr Nielson,
Just a brief update. It has been five weeks since my Micro ETS surgery - and I am still astounded with the results. Thank you so much and God sends nothing but the very best!

Hello Jane and Dr. Nielson,
I am truely grateful for the miracle I received on August 31st. The operation is a gift that I have been waiting for 30 years. I am so overwhelmed and thrilled I can't rub off my smile. People look at me and wonder . . . what is she so happy about? If they only knew. I thank the angles and God for sending me to your website. Thank you Jane, you are an angel. And thank you Dr. Nielson for the miracle and a new rebirth. Loyally yours,

Dear Dr. Nielson,
The results are unbelievable! No single event has changed my life or the way I feel physically like this surgery. Thank you.

Dear Jane & Peggy,
You are right, I am absolutely ecstatic with the whole micro ETS surgery procedure, and ultimate success!!!!!! Dr. Nielson is phenomenal! The most brilliant, compassionate, caring doctor I have ever met. I thank GOD every night for him and this miracle. I am sending a report and hope I have completed it correctly, If not please let me know. Thanks again for your care and concern. May you and your families enjoy a safe and warm holiday season. Sincerly,

Dear Peggy and Dr Nielson,
I just wanted to take a moment and than you so much for creating the web-site, without it I would still be uncomfortable and embarrassed. This was an answered prayer, and I thank God for placing you in my life. Peggy, I would like to personally thank you for taking the time and seeing me before I went into surgery, That was a wonderful treat and it made me feel a lot better about the surgery I was about to undergo. You can't imagine how my life has changed in just a few days. Dr. Nielson, I would also like to thank you for pioneering this procedure and making it so pain free. I have not had an uncomfortable day yet. If it was not for you taking the time to study hyperhidrosis and learn a new technique, I and many other people would still be worried about the problem. I can't even begin to let you know how much I have already appreciated this operation. Thank you!!!

Dr. Nielson,
I just wanted to send a note to thank you for giving me a social life again. As you know I had severe facial & scalp hyperhydrosis and would literally drip sweat off my ear lobes and have a cold river of sweat running down my neck in social situations. Since surgery, the most I have experienced is some minor moisture on my face & scalp when eating spicy food. I have moderate CS on my chest & legs but as I told you before surgery, that's a small price to pay for the freedom to have an unrestricted lifestyle again. Thanks to all and I wish you the best!






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