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Dr. David Nielson, MD, FACS - Hyperhidrosis Specialist, Excessive Sweating Expert


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Dr. David Nielson
Texas based cardio-thoracic surgeon who specializes in micro-endoscopic chest surgery. Dr. Nielson is widely known as a hyperhydrosis expert and sweating specialist with his innovative, least invasive treatment for patients who suffer from (excessive sweating of the hands, face, and/or armpits, Raynaud’s Syndrome, and Facial Blushing. These conditions are all connected to an over-active sympathetic nerve chain.  Micro-endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (Micro ETS), created by Dr. Nielson, is the least invasive, most advanced surgery for people suffering from these ailments.  One of the most experienced endoscopic thoracic surgeon performing ETS surgery, Dr. Nielson emphasizes that extensive ETS surgical experience is essential to eliminating excessive sweating of the hands, face, and/or armpits.

Dr. Nielson's Micro ETS procedure has the quickest recovery time and has a high success rate for those suffering from hyperhidrosis of the hands. During the procedure, Dr. Nielson makes a single incision, one-twelfth of an inch per side , under each arm and inserts a 2mm scope. Nielson compares the size of his instruments to angel hair pasta. Once Dr. Nielson identifies the sympathetic nerve, he precisely divides it to instantly lessen hyperhidrosis symptoms and bring warmth to cold hands. The procedure takes 30 minutes. The patient is able to leave two to four hours after the procedure.

Board Certified Cardiac & Thoracic Surgery Endoscopic Cardiothoracic Surgery
Board Certified General Surgery
Micro ETS Surgery - Created Micro 1/12th Inch Single Incision Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy for Hyperhidrosis, Blushing, and Raynaud's
- Created Sub Dermal Laser Ablation for excessive sweating of the underarms, and other body regions.

The Offices of David H Nielson, MD
1202 E Sonterra Blvd, Suite 101
San Antonio, Texas 78258
(877) 837-9379 (Toll Free)
(210) 490-7464 (Phone)
(210) 490-2506 (FAX)

Dr. David Nielson's Education, Medical Training, Interests

Graduate Work

Professional memberships
Research Technician


Professional Experience


B.A., University of Utah, 9/76-6/77, 9/79-6/82
Major: Chemistry
Magna Cum Laude Graduate

Graduate Work
University of Utah, 9/82-6/83
Major: Biochemistry
7/83-6/85 See attached work history
M.D., Temple University School of Medicine, 7/85 - 5/89
Philadelphia, PA

General Surgery, 6/89-6/90
Lankenau Hospital, Philadelphia, PA.


General Surgery, 7/90-6/94
Lankenau Hospital, Philadelphia, PA.


Cardiothoracic Surgery, 7/94-6/96
University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri

American Board of Thoracic Surgery, Board Certified
American Board of Surgery, Diplomat
American Board of Medical Examiners, Diplomat
Licensure Physician and Surgeon, Pennsylvania, 7/91-12/96
Physician and Surgeon, Texas, 8/96-present

Professional memberships

  American Association of Clinical Anatomists
  American College of Surgeons, Diplomat
  American Medical Association
  Bexar County Medical Society
    Pennsylvania Medical Society
    Pennsylvania Association for Thoracic Surgery 7/90 to 6/95
  Society of Thoracic Surgeons
    Southeastern Surgical Society, Fellow
  Texas Medical Association


English, Spanish

Best Resident Presentation Award, Pennsylvania Association for Thoracic Surgery Annual Meeting, Hershey, PA, 9/25/93.

Anna Elizabeth Fleer Surgical Fellowship for most outstanding research leading to publications, Dept of Surgery, Lankenau Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, 6/17/93.

Outstanding Student Teaching Award, Dept of Surgery, Lankenau Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, 6/17/93.

Peterson-Figueroa award for best ventilator wean of the year, Lankenau Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, 6/18/90.

Research in Surgical Oncology - development and testing of combination therapy regimens for selected cancers, The National Institutes of Health, 7/88-9/88, Bethesda, MD.

Research Technician
"Structural Characterization of the Isoforms of Neonatal and Adult Rat Liver Metallothionein", D. Winge, D. Nielson, University of Utah Medical Center, 10/82-4/83.


Demmy TL, Nielson DH, Curtis JJ, Improved method for deep thoracoscopic lung nodule excision, Missouri Medicine, vol. 93, no. 2, pp 86-87, Feb 1996.

Sutter FP, Knauss L, Nielson DH, Goldman SM, Effects of preoperative serum creatinine level on cardiac surgery morbidity and mortality, Journal of the Pennsylvania Association for Thoracic Surgery, vol 3, pp 16-24, 1995.

Nielson DH, Tomasello D, Brennan EJ, Chen C, Concomitant coronary artery bypass grafting and adrenalectomy for pheochromocytoma, Journal of Cardiac Surgery, vol. 10, no. 2, pp 179-183, Mar 1995.

Nielson DH, Sutter FP, Mitchell JM, et at., A comparison of the physiological effects of pulsatile versus nonpulsatile blood flow during cardiopulmonary bypass, Journal of the Pennsylvania Association for Thoracic Surgery, vol 2, pp 67-70, 1994.

Sutter FP, Nielson DH, Goldman SM, et al., Right ventricular protection with coronary sinus retrograde cardioplegia, Clinical Anatomy, vol 7, pp 257-262, 1994.


Publications (Continued)
Nielson DH, VonRueden DG, Fitzpatrick MA, Ectopic hematoma formation complicating transverse rectus abdominus musculocutaneous flap breast reconstruction, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 93 (4): pp 865 - 67, Apr 1994.

Nielson DH, Sutter FP, Goldman SM, Use of venous fistula technique for intraoperative cardiac hemorrhage, Journal of Cardiac Surgery, 8 (5): pp 558-561, Sept 1993.

Nielson DH, Barnett TP, Yum KY, Historical review of cecostomy at a community hospital, Contemporary Surgery, 43 (3): pp 159-161, Sept 1993.

Micro Incision Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy, Single-Tiny Incision Endoscopic Vein Harvest, American Association of Critical Care Nurses - San Antonio Chapter Annual Symposium, San Antonio, TX, Sept, 1998.

Endoscopic Transthoracic Sympathectomy, Endoscopic Vein Harvest, MIDCAB, 37th Annual Symposium, "Association of Operating Room Nurses - San Antonio Chapter", San Antonio, TX, Sept 27, 1997

Single-tiny Incision Endoscopic Vein Harvest, KENS channel 5 television, Aug 12, 1997.

Autotransfusion induced elevation of serum creatine kinase levels in patients following cardiac surgery, VI Annual Scientific Meeting: "Cardiac Surgery: Current issues", St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Nov 17-20, 1993.

Physiological effects of pulsatile versus continuous blood flow during cardiopulmonary bypass, VI Annual Scientific Meeting: "Cardiac Surgery: Current Issues", St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Nov 17-20, 1993.

Preoperative renal insufficiency in the cardiac surgery patient, 31st Annual Meeting of Pennsylvania Association for Thoracic Surgery, Hershey, PA, 9/24/93- 9/26/93.


A comparison of the physiological effects of pulsatile versus nonpulsatile blood flow during cardiac surgery, 31 Annual Meeting of Pennsylvania Association for Thoracic Surgery, Hershey, PA, 9/24/93-9/26/93.

Complex venous colateralization of the right ventricle seen with retrograde cardioplegia, Tenth annual meeting of the American Association of Clinical Anatomists, Univ of Washington, Seattle, WA, 6/16/93-6/19/93.

Uncommon primary metastasis to the pleura of a superficial vulvar carcinoma, Southeastern Surgical Society annual meeting, Tarpon Springs, FL, 2/6/93-2/11/93.

Video thoracoscopy: an effective alternative in the diagnosis and treatment of pleural and lung pathologies, Endo Expo 1992, Laparoendoscopic Surgeons Society annual meeting, Orlando, FL, 12/2/92-12/6/92.

Right ventricle myocardial protection using retrograde cardioplegia, 29th annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Association of Thoracic Surgeons, Markel Island, FL, 5/91.

Intraoperative radiation therapy in rectal cancer - 1988 update, Grand Rounds Surgery Branch of the National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD, 9/88.


Professional Experience:

August 1996 to present
· - Created Sub Dermal Laser Ablation for excessive 
  sweating of the underarms, and other body regions. 
· Micro ETS - Created technique (Endoscopic Thoracic
  Sympathectomy) 2 millimeter (1/12th inch) axillary incision.
· Cirujanos de Corazon Associates - San Antonio,
  Texas Cardiothoracic Surgery, Endoscopic
· Cardiothoracic Surgery
· Endoscopic Vein Harvest for CABG a one inch leg
· MICAB - "keyhole cabg"
· Cardiac and thoracic surgery
· Direct Intercostal Nerve Pain Relief minimizes  thoractomy

October 1983 to January 1985
· President of a corporation, Salt Lake City,
  Utah (computer sales and service)

October 1979 to May 1982
· Lab technician in Bryner Clinic (multi-specialty
  medical clinic), Salt Lake City, Utah

Boston Marathon, April 21, 2014 - Finish time 3:31:02
Boston Marathon, April 16, 2012 - Finish time 3:30:16
Boston Marathon, April 18, 2011 - Finish time 3:24:53
Boston Marathon, April 18, 2005 - Finish time 3:14:18
Boston Marathon, April 19, 2004 - Finish time 4:01:02

2002 Winter Olympic Torch Relay - Nominated by former patient

Developed Micro ETS™ 1/12th inch "Micro Incision Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy" for hyperhidrosis, 6/97

Developed "Single-Tiny Incision Endoscopic Vein Harvest", 10/96

Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Uruguay, South America, 9/77-9/79




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