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Foot Sweating, Sweaty Feet Dry After Micro ETS Surgery. Patients Share How Excessive Sweating of the Feet Ended


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Surgery may be an option for you, however, Dr. Nielson does not specifically treat foot sweating with Micro ETS. Our procedure can target the feet only. Find out more, click here.

February 2016
6 Month Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Hyperhidrosis of the hands, feet.  CS on my legs. but it is very minor and not really a problem.
My confidence is back. With out a dought it is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced! it has opened up a new world for me.forever greatful.you guys are my angels. - James (OKlahoma)

January 2015
6 Month Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Hyperhidrosis of the hands, feet.  CS of armpit and torso area.
I have gotten some promotions at work due to the fact that I am no longer afraid to speak up and make myself known. Im so much more confident in myself. - Carolina (Texas)

Octobert 2014
6 Month Follow Up
Condition(s) Treated /Comments:  Hyperhidrosis of the hands, face, underarms, feet.  CS of armpit and torso area, I sweat in my torso area quite badly.
Very much so, even with the compensatory sweating, I can't explain how happy I am to walk into meeting with dry hands and be confident when I shake hands. I can lotion my hands now, I was never able to do that before. I still walk around with a bit of paper towel but it's only for my sweaty armpit.
- Nesha (Virgin Islands)

October 2012
9 Year Follow Up

Condition(s) Treated:  Hyperhidrosis of hands, feet, face, Facial Blushing
Hi Dr. Neilson,
I had ETS surgery with you 9 years ago. So far this surgery has been a huge success. I do experience Gustatory sweating which I am considering treating with Botulinum Toxin injections, but my main question is about compensatory sweating. I suffered with this quite severely the first few years after the surgery, but it appears to have resolved itself and if I have it now, it's very mild.  - Keri

April 2013
Surgery Done June 2012
Hello (Dr. Nielson),

I am very pleased to inform you that everything is wonderful and I am very grateful for the Micro ETS and the professional attention that your staff provided to me while in your care. No words can describe or measure the transformation of my life since the surgery. I will gladly participate as a referral for your office. Thank You, Roel

Hello Dr Nielson,
I am very pleased to report that I have no sweating of the feet at all. The CS on my trunk is gradually diminishing and is rarely a problem, I can hardly believe it! Thank you so much for all your skill and kindness to me - I will never forget you or all other staff who were so wonderful. I have been contacted via my email, by 3 ladies, all from USA, who were looking for reassurance for ETS surgery - they couldn't have come to a better person, I was able to answer all their questions and "hold their hands" up to and after their surgeries. Two of the ladies have kept in touch, but I didn't expect them to! I wish you all well, thank you again.  (Patient from England)


Dr Nielson,
Thought I'd drop a line to let you know how things have been since my surgery! The very best thing is I can lay next to my husband at night. I rub my feet up and down his legs. My cats before I would have to brush them they shed so much it was just horrible! Now I can scratch and play with them. Before I was always cold always wiping the water from my hands with soaked socks! Now my feet are dry! Yea! I've sweat a little across my belly wheni got out in the heat but thank goodness I did and it felt so good for my feet and hands to be dry as the breeze blew by! I want to thank you Dr Nielson, you have made a 100% change in my life. All the problems that before seemed so huge, are now so very small. its so nice to write and thank you with dry hands upon the keys! I prayed and I prayed and the week before surgery I was praying about many things because I take care of daddy and he suffers from neuropathy! But, I prayed. "please god this first so that i can bare the load ahead with daddy", and god answered me with you! I recieved an email from another surgeon saying it wasn't ethical to ask money upfront and I should consider coming there! I wrote and told him I couldn't of been placed in better hands! And, the outcome is priceless!! I didn't mean to write you a book, its just that life seems so very wonderful now! I find myself crying for little things like playing footsies. Now we can walk through the sand without castle's being built on my sweaty toes! (ha,ha)
Thank you and when you find the time could you send me the names of the doctors for daddy! thank you! (Patient)

Dear Dr. Nielson,
It's been under one week since my surgery. My results are unbelievable!! I used to sweat excessively (dripping sweat) from my hands and feet. You told me that there was a 50/50 chance my feet would stop sweating. Well I guess I fell under the good 50% because my feet are now as dry as my hands. The surgery was 100+% effective. So far I have had no rebound or compensatory sweating. I have already been in several situations where my hands would have dripped sweat and instead they remained absolutely dry and I remained absolutely cool and confident. I went to church today and usually when we get to the point in the mass when we all hold hands I would excuse myself and go the bathroom, but today I gladly extended both my hands and I thanked God for leading me to you. I know after reading all your testimonials you must realize how grateful your patients are for your work, but I must tell you again how extremely thankful I am everyday that I stumbled across your website. I agree with the patient that said we need to get you on Oprah, because it pains me to think that there are so many more people out there suffering like I was who are not aware of you and how easy your procedure is. I feel even more fortunate, because I know people travel thousands of miles to get to you and I was only a two hour car drive away. I wish I could have met Cheryl and Peggy while I was in San Antonio to thank them personally for all their help and kindness in dealing with my insurance preparations. Once again thank you, (Patient)

Dr. Nielson,
Tomorrow will be three months since my ETS surgery and I want to let you know how pleased I am with the results!  I fully expected that after the surgery my hands would be warm and dry.  What I didn't expect was that my feet would be dry as well.  After spending 20 years (since I was 15 years of age) obsessing about how cold and wet my hands were it is hard to believe that they are so warm and dry.  I spend a great deal of time just looking at my hands and thinking how easy it was to complete the ETS surgery and the process leading up to the surgery.  Dr. Nielson and his staff were incredibly informed and helpful.  I have to admit that I was a little skeptical that it could be this easy.  After all, I found out about this surgery via the Internet.  I researched other sites, talked to the dermatology department at Johns Hopkins, even talked to Dr. Nielson's staff many times.  Let me tell you that it was better than I could have ever expected.
As for side effects, they are so minor it is almost not worth mentioning.  I experienced minor pain after the surgery--almost like I had a slight muscle pull in my rib cage.  I never had a need for the pain killers.  It was gone after the second day.  I felt like I was ready for full athletic action after a week (but I kept my promise not to work out for two weeks so tomorrow will be my first day back at the gym).  I experienced some "phantom" sweating the first and second day--I was feeling those sensations that meant my hands were about to start sweating but they remained dry.  The third day I actually did experience some minor rebound sweating--slight moisture in the left palm and on the fingertips of my right hand.  They literally dried-up the same day.  It appears as though my compensatory sweating is occurring just below my pectoral muscles on the front and on my back.  This is not a big deal.  It only occurs at times when my hands and feet would have been sweating.  In fact, I used to sweat behind the knees and in the groin area and this is now gone as well.  
Again, thank you Dr. Nielson and thank you to the entire staff.  The ETS surgery is a wonderful thing and I would recommend it to anyone looking to solve their hyperhidrosis and Raynaud's.  I would state that it was 100% effective!  Please feel free to use this email as a testimonial on your website and feel free to use my name and number as a reference to any others seeking feedback.
Sincerely, (Patient)

2 years post-ETS Anniversary!
A BIG hello to Dr. Nielson, Cheryl, Peggy, Jane & staff!
2 years ago today, I had my ETS for severe HH & mild blushing. My life has changed so much since the op. I'm out in the world doing the things I love that were very embarassing to do when I had HH (hyperhidrosis)/blushing.
I've been performing onstage (I'm a classical singer) and I also serve as an on-call rehearsal accompanist. That is something I always dreaded doing before ETS because my hands would sweat all over the piano. I am an AVID (some might say obsessed...LOL) knitter and I love working with my hands.
At my job, I'm working with clients and can shake hands without having to swipe them on my pants first or worry about "the look" when they feel my hands. They're still warm & dry. I am wearing bright, colourful clothes with confidence.
I'm finally to the point where I don't worry about sweating anymore. After the op, it takes a while to "retrain your brain" and quit thinking negatively about sweating. If you've had HH your whole life, you get into a cycle of worrying about sweating to the point where you plan your day around hiding it. (How do I get through this meeting? How can I hide my hands during my interview?, etc). I don't have to think like that anymore. I have finally stopped hiding my hands which is something I never realized I did until I had ETS and didn't have to worry about sweaty hands. I don't chose my clothes based on what I called "sweat factor" (in other words, how much sweat is going to show?)
My CS is minimal to none. I rarely get it and when I do it's either when I work out or in the hot summer months. It's very light so it's a non-issue for me. I never sweat on my face or hands. My underarms can sweat a little bit if I don't use antiperspirant. My feet are dry about 98% of the time.
When I do sweat, it's just a bit of moisture on my back & stomach (and sometimes thighs when it's really hot outside). Like I said before, to me it's a non-issue because it's nothing compared to what life was like with HH.
Just wanted to give you all an update and let you know that I'm still doing great and life is good. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!
Kindest regards,
(ETS on March 26, 2001






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